Destination Study Trip


On the 13th of November the Study Trip Committee announced the destination of our Study Trip this academic year. The destination is Prague, the beautiful old capital city of the Czech Republic!!










Sinterklaas Activity


On the 27th of November the Activity Committee is hosting the annual Sinterklaas drink in Klein Cafe van Horen Zeggen. You can win small presents by playing - and winning - a game!

About us

Animo the Study Association of Online Culture: Art, Media and Society at the Tilburg school of Humanities and Digital Sciences, Tilburg University



What we do

As a Study Association we organize both formal and informal events for our members. We also provide discount on study books and helpful guidance throughout your studies. Members have the opportunity to become active within the organisation of Animo. We also collaborate with other Study Associations within Tilburg University.


SV Animo

Warandelaan 2 Tilburg

Esplanade building | Room E222


Mailing adress:

SV Animo

Postbus 90153

5000LE Tilburg