Animo x Culturo Line

Each order comes with a free Animo x Culturo Button Pin!

Black Animo X Culturo Unisex Zip-up Hoodie

Suitable for every Climate (Change)

€ 35,00

Vintage White Animo X Culturo Unisex T-shirt

In cases of hot summer days and confused grandmas

€ 20,00

Animo X Culturo Mug

For a cozy drink in early mornings or on rainy nights

€ 7,00


Culturo’s Choice

For Culturo's most loyal fans: Animo x Culturo Mug, Zip-up and T-shirt (Please specify both sizes)

€ 55,00

Summer Essentials

Ready for warm days: Animo x Culturo T-shirt and Mug, Classic Animo Tote

€ 25,00

Animazing Accessories

Full Animember Equipment: Animo x Culturo Mug, Classic Animo Tote, Umbrella and Keychain

€ 15,00

Classic Animo Line

Animo Shirt Red

The essential Animo shirt (unisex)

Classic Animo Shirt Red

€ 10,00

Animo Hoodie Black

Soft drawstring hoodie (unisex)

Soft drawstring hoodie (unisex)

€ 25,00

Animo Tote Bag

The classic tote is back

Animo Tote Bag

€ 5,00

Animo Umbrella

Red umbrella to keep as your closest companion on rainy days

Animo Umbrella

€ 5,00

Animo Keychain

Red keychain to open all your bottles with

Animo Keychain

€ 2,00