Vacancy Student Advisor


The Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital sciences is looking for a student advisor (faculty board) and student advisor (educational consultation) for the next academic year. It concerns (for both functions) a temporary employment contract for 0.2 FTE with the effective date of 1 September 2018. If you are interested, send your resume and motivation letter to Janne Wijdeven ( and Anneloes van Delft ( before June 1st. If you have any questions regarding this vacancy, please contact them as well.The vacancy can be found in the document below.


Vacancy Student Advisors TSHD
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Symposium: Conspiracy Theories


On the 16th of May Animo is hosting the annual symposium. This year's theme will be : 'Conspiracy Theories: are they (un)believable?'. In collaboration with Kruispunt, Animo is hosting the symposium at BANK15. The event is open to everyone and entrance is free. More information about the speakers will be revealed on our Facebook event:


Conspiracy theories have been part of our cultures and society for as long as humankind has existed. It is remarkable, however, that since the rise of the Internet and social media the interest in and effects of these theories have changed, grown and spread widely.

Conspiracies are featured on social media, in newspapers and on television daily. Theories about the truth are held up by faithful believers, professional critics and internet-trolls. In our current media-lanscape these conspiracies are affected by filter bubbles and algorithms, which makes the question of 'who you can trust' even more complicated. In our symposium we will offer interesting perspectives on what the truth is, who decides what is true, and what you should believe in.

We understand that conspiracy theories are somewhat controversial, which is why we want to create space for an open and informative discussion, highlighting different perspectives on our main question: "How (un)believable is the truth?"

Company visit municipality Tilburg


On the 18th of April we will visit the municipality of Tilburg from 15.00 to 18.00. We will handle a case in a group assignment about movie policy in the city of Tilburg. After that we will meet with a member of association CuPuDo and the LED-screen at the Factorium in the Spoorzone.


The schedule for the visit is:


15.00 - 15.30: Introduction about work and policy (Bram & Sandra)

15.30 - 16.30: Case study movie policy & group assignment (Bram & Sandra)

16.30 - 17.00: LED-screen & CuPuDo (Gerdi Beks)

17.00 - 18.00: Closing drink at the Factorium


You can apply for the visit here!



Manifesto - ism. Sapi / Animo / Kennismakerij


April is the month of philosophy with the theme: ‘All power to the imagination’ the famous slogan of the student revolt of 1968: now fifty years ago. With the film Manifesto we pay homage to art and to the versatile and divers actress Cate Blanchett. In thirteen changing characters, the actress declaims avant-garde like manifests. Which results in a manifesto of manifestos, with quotes of sixty art revolutionaries. Lively, inspiring, pompous, concerned, current, poetic, angry, passionate, theatrical, contradictory, humorous and elusive as the arts themselves. The film has an appropriate program and of course we will discuss the film afterwards with an academic and the audience, including philosopher Daan Keij (Filosophy café).


Price, regular: €9
Price, early bird: €6

Price FHK 50%: € 4,50


Link to Facebook event





We are looking for the Animo board for 2018-2019! If you want to take on a challenge, broaden your network and organize events, then this is a job for you.


As you might know, there are three positions within the Animo board:
- Chairman
- Secretary
- Treasurer


We are looking for three capable Online Culture students who can continue running Study Association Animo next year. If you are interested, please send your CV and a short motivation letter to



Are you not sure yet whether you want to apply or do you just want more information? We would love to grab a coffee with you on Friday the 23rd of March at 11:30 in the Animo Office (E222). Please come by if you are interested!

Who's afraid of art: Psychology and Cosplay


This edition, the theme fo Who's afraid of art will be Cosplay and Psychology. It will be a fun event with lectures, a workshop and a panel discussion. One of the most famous Dutch cosplayers, Pretzl Cosplay, will be giving one of the lectures! This event is open to everyone.


During this event you will learn why people cosplay, what cosplay really is and what effect acting and body language can have on how you feel.


Location: Blackbox, Tilburg University

Date: 17th of May

Time: 14.45


More information is to be announced. Stay tuned! Link to Facebook event.









Scavenger Hunt at Tilburg University


Animo presents: Scavenger Hunt! During this event Animo members will solve a murder. Seven actors are scattered around the university campus and need to be found in order to gain hints. Each murder suspect will provide a challenge, when this challenge is completed correctly the group will gain a hint. Will you be the one to solve this case?


In short: this evening will be exciting and fun! Sign up now, and don't leave your detective skills at home..


Location: E222

Date: 28th of March

Time: 19.30