Exams Winter 2019


For the upcoming deadlines and exams, we want to wish you the best of luck and success!


Here a few tips to survive the exam weeks:

> stay warm and hydrated

> don't forget to take snack breaks

> reward yourself for successful work periods

> coffee is your friend

> leaving the library for a couple of hours a day won't hurt (;


Top Week Winter Cantus

Is it time for another beer escalation yet? Yes! In January we are joining the Top Week Cantus once again. Come join us!

Click here to get more infos on our events and here for tickets!


Study Trip 2020: Athens

This week, our Study Trip Committee announced the destination of our next study trip: Greece! We are super excited & hope to share this experience with many of you. More info here.

About us

Animo the Study Association of Online Culture: Art, Media and Society at the Tilburg school of Humanities and Digital Sciences, Tilburg University



What we do

As a Study Association we organize both formal and informal events for our members. We also provide discount on study books and helpful guidance throughout your studies. Members have the opportunity to become active within the organisation of Animo. We also collaborate with other Study Associations within Tilburg University.


SV Animo

Warandelaan 2 Tilburg

Esplanade building | Room E222


Mailing adress:

SV Animo

Postbus 90153

5000LE Tilburg


E-mail: info@animotilburg.nl