You can become an active member of Animo by joining one of our committees. On this page you can find out more information about each of our commitees. You can become an active member in the PP-committee, studytrip committee or the symposium committee.




As a member of the PP-committee, the 'party- and promotion-commitee', you are responsible for organising all of Animo's informal activites and also for promoting Animo as an association. For example, the PP commiittee organises all our drinks, but also other informal activities such as the Sinterkest activity or the first year activity. Your are of course free to come up with your own ideas, the more creative the better!


Study trip committee



The study trip committee is responsible for organising the annual study trip. This includes choosing the destination, organising the travels and the entire programme. This includes includes organising all company visits, university visits, museum visits and informal activies.






Symposium Committee


The symposiumcommittee is responsible for organising the annual symposium. During the organisation of this event you will mainly be occupied with contacting different speakers, but also with more practical issues such as finding a location and promoting the event. Members of the symposiumcommittee are free to choose the subject and speakers of the symposium.