Company Visit: LiveWall


On the 6th of November, Study Association Animo will be visiting LiveWall, an international and digital media agency that, for example, develops online campaigns, platforms and apps. They often do this for big-name companies like McDonalds, Coca Cola, and KPN. LiveWall's Dutch headquarters is located in Tilburg, but they also have offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp and London, which means they work on an international level. All in all, this is definitely an interesting companies for Online Culture students to learn more about!  You can find more information about this company on their website! The link is


If you'd like to come along, please send Rosalie an e-mail with a question that you'd like to get answered during the presentation before the 31st of October. We hope to see you then!


We want to gather in front of their office at 15:45, to guarantee that we're on time!


Location: Sint Josephstraat 133

Date: 6th of November

Time: 16:00

Buddy Human Library Tilburg


Every year, we help organize the Human Library Tilburg. Human Library is an event where visitors meet their prejudices by engaging in a conversation with one of our 'living books'. These are people who are often confronted with stigmas or prejudices, for example a shaman, a bank manager or someone with a chronic depression. 


To make sure that Human Library will become a success again this year, we're looking for volunteers! This time, Human Library Tilburg will take place on the 25th of January, 2019. As a buddy you'll be present from 12:30 until 18:30h, and after that you can join in on a free dinner. If needed, traveling costs can be covered. 


Do you want to help us make Human Library Tilburg into a great and fun event this year? Make sure to send an e-mail to

First information session study trip


On the 13th of November, The Study Trip Committee will be hosting the first information session. In this session the committee will announce the destination of our annual study trip! The Study Trip Committee will also provide information about the date, flight, hostel, and programme. The registration for the study trip will open shortly after the information session, so make sure you attend!


If you are unable to make it to the session but still interested in the trip, please let us know through e-mail (, then we will provide you with all the information about the trip. 


Location: TBA

Date: 13th of November

Time: 15:00


Old-Members Activity


This year we decided to organise an Old-Members Activity. We are very happy that they decided to be an Animo member again this year and we are very grateful that they were so active within our study association. Organising this activity for them is our way of saying 'thank you'.


What we are going to do is still a surprise, but we can promise that it will be a fun evening!


Location: Ijssalon Intermezzo

Date: 14th of November

Time: 19:15

SinterKerst Drink


Like last year, Animo will organise the annual SinterKerst drink. SinterKerst is a combination of two holidays; Sinterklaas and Christmas. We combined the two because in December there will be no time to celebrate Christmas due to exams and Christmas break. Last year you could bring a present to the activity, which was Bingo, and the people who got 'Bingo' got to choose a present. 


We will have to wait and see what the Activity Committee has planned for us this year...


Location: Klein Café van Horen Zeggen

Date: 27th of November

Time: TBA