Buddy Human Library Tilburg


Every year, we help organize the Human Library Tilburg. Human Library is an event where visitors meet their prejudices by engaging in a conversation with one of our 'living books'. These are people who are often confronted with stigmas or prejudices, for example a shaman, a bank manager or someone with a chronic depression. 


To make sure that Human Library will become a success again this year, we're looking for volunteers! This time, Human Library Tilburg will take place on the 25th of January, 2019. As a buddy you'll be present from 12:30 until 18:30h, and after that you can join in on a free dinner. If needed, traveling costs can be covered. 


Do you want to help us make Human Library Tilburg into a great and fun event this year? Make sure to send an e-mail to humanlibrarytilburg@gmail.com

SinterKerst Drink


Like last year, Animo will organise the annual SinterKerst drink. SinterKerst is a combination of two holidays; Sinterklaas and Christmas. We combined the two because in December there will be no time to celebrate Christmas due to exams and Christmas break. Last year you could bring a present to the activity, which was Bingo, and the people who got 'Bingo' got to choose a present. 


We will have to wait and see what the Activity Committee has planned for us this year...


Location: Klein Café van Horen Zeggen

Date: 27th of November

Time: TBA