Pub Lecture with professor Arfman

Prof. Arfman will talk about the divide between offline and online games and how video games have created a certain taboo regarding gaming in general. Furthermore he will also talk about how offline games borrow elements from digitalisation and the development of Online Culture and the complications it brings with it.

Come check out this lecture at Klein Cafe Van Horen Zeggen on Wednesday the 13th of February at 19:30! We're sure you won't be... 'board'! ;)


Location: Klein Cafe van Horen Zeggen

Date: 13th of February

Time: 19:30

Animo Game Night

On Tuesday the 19th of February, Animo Game Night makes a comeback! This time, we will come together in Jack's Café at 8 PM for an exciting evening of playing board games and drinking some beers. Even though the café has a big assortiment of games already, feel free to bring your own favorite!


We hope to see you there!


Location: Café Jack's

Date: 19th of February

Time: 20:00

Study Trip Information Session

On Thursday the 21st of February we will meet in the upstairs area of Klein Cafe Van Horen Zeggen to discuss our hypotheses for the research questions for our study trip!

Everyone has been divided into groups and assigned one of two research questions. For more details regarding your group members and your assigned question, please check your e-mail! You will also receive information about some other important things like flight schedule, hostel details, programme and more. If you haven't received anything, please contact the Study Trip Committee.

Please make sure you have sufficient members present to present your topic and findings!


Location: Klein Café van Horen Zeggen

Date: 21st of February

Time: 19:30

Symposium on international housing

Every year, many international students arrive in the Netherlands only to find difficulty securing their housing. Although the situation in Tilburg is better than most other Dutch cities, it remains a recurring problem. The rise of ‘Dutch Only’ housing advertisements, and thus excluding international students on the housing market, seems to be the big problem. Is this the only problematic factor or are there also other contributing factors to this issue?


In order to find out, Tilburg University, I*ESN, SAM, FRONT, ELSA and ANIMO are organizing a symposium on the topic of international housing which takes place on Wednesday 20th February 19:00. We want to invite both Dutch students and international students to join the discussion on international housing and to see together what we can do to solve this problem.


Location: I*ESN Tilburg (Carpe Noctem)

Date: 20th of February

Time: 19:00

Company visit AD Tilburg

On the 10th of April we'll be going to the Tilburg branch of Algemeen Dagblad. They mostly take care of the more local newspaper such as the Brabants Dagblad and the Eindhovens Dagblad.

They are expecting us at 13:00. We will be taken on a short tour of their office, since 20 students may be too much for them to handle. As a result, the same system with LiveWall will take place. We'll send a bunch of questions beforehand and they'll tailor a presentation for us based on our questions, so make sure you send them in on time!

Join us to take a look behind the scenes of a publication such as the AD, BD and ED!


Location: AD Tilburg

Date: 10th of April

Time: 13:00

Animo Lustrum II: Imagine

In May, Animo will celebrate its second Lustrum with the theme; 'imagine'! Did you catch the teasers we posted over the Christmas holidays? Are you excited? Because you should be!

Join us for an action-packed week full of activities such as:

  • A cantus with unlimited beer, a dinner, and friends
  • A delicious anti-hangover lunch
  • A formal activity (with covered train costs)
  • A fancy gala with fancy dinner and fancy band
  • A limited-edition lustrum T-shirt
  • Animo's first ever almanak
  • A Knaek pass

Date: 6th of May until the 10th of May