New Years Drink


After the holidays and many days without your fellow Animootjes, we want to invite you to our New Years Drink at our home cafe de Vos en de Craen. On the 28th of January, we are ready to start into the new semester with you and hear all your news and activities during the holidays.


Ready for the new semester? Join us for this exciting event!


Date: 28-01-2020

Time: 21:30

Location: De Vos en de Craen

Company Visit: Theatre Tilburg



Our very first company visit of 2020! Interested in taking a look backstage at a theatre and getting a fun workshop by professionals? Be sure to join us at Theatre Tilburg for an informative and fun evening!


Date: 30-01-2020

Time: 18:30

Location: Schouwburg Tilburg

Animo on Ice


Are you not ready to let go of the real winter feeling yet? Then it is time to go ice skating one last time before the spring is slinking around the corner.


Even better: sporty Animootjes with the uni gym membership can enter for free - everyone else can enter for just 6,70 euro.


Date: 06-02-2020

Time: 19:00

Location: Ireen Wüst IJsbaan

Human Library Tilburg


Together with de Bibliotheek Midden-Brabant, Tilburg University and SV Complex, we are organizing a big event again in 2020! Visit us and borrow a person instead of a book for a nice conversation. There will also be group talks, lectures and much more!

Tackle your prejudices and join us for this fun and unique event!


Date: 13-02-2020

Time: 13:00-18:30

Location: LocHal Tilburg

Human Library is back on Thursday the 13th of February. Between 1 and 6 o'clock, you are welcome to walk in and be able to have an individual or group conversation with human books, walk while talking about prejudices, eat a cup of soup with a ‘special storyteller’ and to attend multiple lectures. The day will start with Leon van der Zanden, who is a natural artist, a coach through experience and a presenter with self-depicting humor. Feel free to drop by, and instead of a book, 'borrow' an extraordinary person, who is in for a good conversation!


About Human Library

Human Library originated in Denmark and is now taking over the world. At this event, people play the role of a book who dealt with or still encounter prejudices in their lives. They are willing to share their life story and are, for this day, a book that can be read. The titles describe the stereotype that they will talk about. In those one-on-one conversations, which will last approximately 30 minutes, you encouraged to learn more about people like a Lebanese veteran, someone with depression and a transgender.



13:30: Opening Human Library Tilburg by Leon van der Zanden (NL and EN)

14:15: Start of one-on-one conversations (NL and EN)

14:15:  Start of group conversations (NL and EN)

14:15: Start of Free Listening with the Free Listener Julia van der Griendt (NL and EN)

14:15: Lecture from a professor of Tilburg University Odile Heynders about feminism (NL)

14:30: Start of Wandelingen Oordeel(-)vrij with Wandelcoach Annemieke (NL)

14:30: The screenplay of the documentary ’T is Goed Zo about Jesse van Venrooij with the attendance of Monique de Gooijer who is the mother of Eelco (NL)

14:30: Art workshop 'De Blikopener' (kunst en kracht van hokjesdenken) with Yda Sinay (NL)

15:00 Lecture from a professor of Tilburg University Max Spotti about immigration and rejected identity (EN)

15:45: Lecture from a professor of Tilburg University Henriette Prast about women in the economy (NL)

15:45: Art workshop 'De Blikopener' (kunst en kracht van hokjesdenken) with Yda Sinay (NL)

16:00: A cup of soup with a special storyteller in cooperation with FoodLab and Stadstuinderij (NL)

16:30: Lecture by postdoc researcher Marjolein de Boer on The emancipatory significance of representations of women on infertility reality TV (EN)


Practical information

You are welcome on Thursday the 13th of February in the Library in Tilburg, the LocHal. At 13:30, the grant opening starts with Leon van der Zande. The desk to lend books is open from 14:15 till 18:00. Visitors can choose a book until 17:30 and the last conversations will finish at 18:00.


More about Human Library

Do you want to keep yourself updated about the available book titles, the group conversations and the lectures? Follow Human Library Tilburg!

Facebook: @humanlibrarytilburg

Instagram: @humanlibrarytilburg


Are you interested to participate as one of the books? Send an email to



Human Library Tilburg is organized by Bibliotheek Midden-Brabant, Tilburg University and study associations Animo and Complex.