Get your tickets for the Tilburg University Cantus!

Do you want to kick off the academic year with a fun event for a good cause? Look no further! The Tilburg University Cantus (TUC) is an annual event for students across Tilburg to come together, sing your hearts out and drink as much beer as you like. For Animo, the TUC is one of the first big events of the academic year and it is a great way to reconnect after the summer and to get to know all new members. 

So save the date: the 6th of September is TUC-time! You do not want to miss it.


A ticket costs €30,- and includes entry to the cantus, all your drinks, and a cantus booklet. On top of that, you make a small charitable donation with each purchase, so what is there not to like? We have a limited amount of tickets available, so you have to be quick. And keep in mind, the tickets are not reserved for you until the payment has been completed!


TUC Ticket

This ticket gives you access to Animo's table at the TUC on 6th September 2023. A ticket includes entry, consumptions and a booklet with all song lyrics. 

One ticket for the Tilburg University Cantus (all inclusive)

€ 30,00

  • Limited Availability